Use GWS In Python

If you are using Python, check out our GPlates Web Service Python proxy at

The following code reconstructs three locations back to 100Ma using "Muller2019" model. You need to pip install gplates-ws-proxy before running the code.

# pip install gplates-ws-proxy
import shapely
from gplates_ws_proxy import PlateModel, reconstruct_shapely_points
lats = [50, 10, 50]
lons = [-100, 160, 100]
points = [shapely.Point(x, y) for x, y in zip(lons, lats)]
model = PlateModel("Muller2019")
paleo_points = reconstruct_shapely_points(model, points, 100)

Here is another example. The subduction zones and coastlines in the image below was plotted by


Check out more Python examples at