Reconstruction Models

The list below describes the plate tectonic reconstruction models that are available within the GPlates Web Service.

All models by default comprise a minimum of a rotation model and a set of static polygons. The availability of other components varies between different models. Models also vary in the range of geological time that they cover.

The more information about a list of EarthByte global and regional plate motion models can be found at Not all models have been included in this web service.

A list of model names can be found at and you can find the details about these models at


A tectonic-rules-based mantle reference frame since 1 billion years ago


Extending full-plate tectonic models into deep time: Linking the Neoproterozoic and the Phanerozoic


A Global Plate Model Including Lithospheric Deformation Along Major Rifts and Orogens Since the Triassic


Late Triassic to present-day global model (the Pacific correction has been applied)


Late Paleozoic to present-day global model(Mantle Reference Frame and the Pacific correction has been applied.)


Late Paleozoic to present-day global model(Paleomagnetic Reference Frame)


Rodinia model from Precambrian Research

SETON2012 (default model)

Post-Pangea model from Earth-Science Reviews



Scotese (2016) PALEOMAP reconstructions